Henry Watson Parker is Charlotte Purssell’s father in law. She was born in 1869, and married Wilfred Parker in 1898.

This is his obituary from The Tablet

Saturday, 09 Jun 1894, (pg 904)

SIR HENRY WATSON PARKER died suddenly at his residence, 10 Rosslyn-hill, Hampstead, on Thursday week [May 31st]. Sir Henry was the son of the late John Goodhand Parker, of Kingston-upon-Hull and York. He was born in 1825, and married in 1852 Marian, daughter of James Rorauer, of the Commissariat Department of the Treasury. He was admitted a solicitor in 1853, and was head of the firm of Parker, Garrett, and Parker, of St. Michael’s Rectory, Cornhill, E.C. He was on the Royal Commission on Loss of Life at Sea, 1884 to 1887. He was vice-president of the Incorporated Law Society in 1885-86 and president in 1886-87. He was knighted in 1887. He leaves a widow and numerous family.

The funeral took place on Tuesday. The courtage consisted of an open car, followed by six mourning carriages and a number of private carriages, including those of Sir Thomas Paine and Sir Donald and Lady Macfarlane. The chief portion of the service was at St. Dominic’s Priory Church, Haverstockhill, where there was a very large congregation at the Solemn Requiem Mass. Amongs those present were Lady Parker, her sons and daughters, Mr. W. E. Williamson, the Secretary of the Incorporated Law Society, and Mr. Bucknill, the Under-Secretary. The interment took place at St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery, Kensal-green, the Rev. Father Pius Cavanaugh officiating. R.I.P. —

Requiem Mass for Charlotte Purssell 1869

Page 23, 1st May 1869

ST. MARY’S, MOORFIELDS.—A Requiem Mass for the repose of the soul of Miss Charlotte Purssell was sung at this church on Wednesday. In his sermon, Canon Gilbert took occasion to speak of the unostentatious charity of the deceased. She had given over £500 to the schools, and had erected an altar of Our Lady in the church, setting apart £80 a year for its maintenance; none but a very few persons knowing of her gifts. According to an old Catholic custom. Miss Purssell had ordered a dole of a loaf and one shilling to be given to 58 poor persons on the day of her burial

Mrs. Walter Weld – Obituary February 1925

Page 22, 7th March 1925



With much regret we have to record the death, on February 24, of , of whom an appreciation will be found in Our ” Et Ctera ” columns. The funeral took place at St. Joseph’s, Birkdale, last Saturday. In the absence, through illness, of her son, the rector of Stonyhurst, the Rev. Walter Weld, S.J., the requiem Mass was celebrated by Mrs. Weld’s nephew the Rev. Robert de Trafford, S.J. The chief mourners were Mr. Francis Weld (son), Mr. John Weld-Blundell (son), Mrs. Frederick Weld (daughter), Mr. Berkeley-Weld (nephew), and Mr. Frederick Weld (son-in-law); Mrs. John Weld Blundell was unable to be present owing to sickness. Among others present were Mr. H. J. de Trafford (nephew), Mr. and Mrs. Snead-Cox (nephew and niece), Mr. F. N. Blundell, M.P., and the Misses Margaret and Agnes Blundell, Commander Weld-Blundell, Major Fitzherbert-Brockholes, M.C., and the Hon. Mrs. FitTherbert-Brockholes, Major Trappes-Lomax and Mr. Christopher Trappes-Lomax, Major and Mrs. Blundell, Lieut.-Colonel Formby, Mr. and Mrs. Lonsdale Formby, Mr. and Mrs. Walmesley-Cotham, Lady Mallinson, Mrs. Mostyn and the Misses Miriam and Hermione Mostyn, Mr. George Chamberlain, the Rev. 0. Blundell, 0.S.B., Mr. Joseph Kenyon, Miss Anderson (on behalf of her father, the Mayor of Southport), the Very Rev. J. Turner, and others, including many representatives of the congregation of St. Joseph’s, Birkdale, of which Mrs. Weld was the oldest member, having attended its services since her marriage fifty-five years ago. There were many wreaths, among them one from the servants at Weld Road, one from Mr. Weld’s office staff, and one from the Incorporated Law Society of Liverpool.

(Same issue)


With much regret we record the death on Monday last, after a long illness fraught with much suffering, of Agnes Mary, wife of Mr. Edmund J. Bellord, hon. treasurer of the Catholic Truth Society. The deceased lady, who died at her home in Ennismore Gardens, was a daughter of the late Mr. Alfred Purssell, of Hampstead, a founder of Westminster Cathedral. The requiem Mass was celebrated at the Brompton Oratory on Thursday, followed by the funeral.—R.I.P.

Mrs. E. J. Bellord (Agnes Purssell) Requiem Mass 1925

from The Tablet Page 26, 14th March 1925

THE LATE MRS. E. J. BELLORD : REQUIEM AT THE ORATORY.— A requiem Mass for Mrs. E. J. Bellord was said at the Oratory on Thursday of last week, Father John Talbot being celebrant, assisted at the absolution by the Very Rev. Father Crewse; other clergy present were the Prior of Ealing (Dom Benedict Kuypers, 0.S.B.), Father Louis Thomson, 0.P., and Father Bertrand Pike, 0.P. The family mourners were Mr. E. J. Bellord (widower), the Misses M. and E. Bellord (daughters), Mr. George and Mr. Cuthbert Bellord (sons), Lady O’Bryen (sister), Mr. and Mrs. A. O’Bryen, Mr. James G. Bellord (nephew), Mr. and Mrs. Francis Purssell, and other relatives. Mr. J. P. Boland represented the Catholic Truth Society, and amongst others present were Lord and Lady Morris of St. John ; Sir John Gilbert, K.C.S.G.; Lady Gibbs; Miss Pauline Willis ; Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Agius; Captain and Mrs. Parker, and the Misses Parker ; Miss Halle; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ware ; Major Aylmer Brooke ; Mr. Coleman ; Mr. A. D. Coveney ; Mrs. Raymond Mawson ; Mrs. Tom Mawson ; Mr. and Mrs. Armitstead; Mrs. O’Connor; Mr. George Barry ; Miss Winstanley ; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Priest ; Wing-Commander Read, R.A.F. ; Mr. Edward Belton ; Mr. John Tussaud; Mrs. Huskisson ; Mrs. Stokes ; Sisters from the Convent of the Holy Child Jesus (Cavendish Square); and Messrs. V. G. Street, S. Pritchard, H. M. Ward, and J. H. Hartley. The interment took place at St. Mary’s Cemetery, Kensal Green, Father Talbot performing the last offices at the cemetery.

Harriet Bagshawe – Obituary 1912

The Tablet Page 30, 6th January 1912

Also at a venerable age has passed away in London Mrs. Harriet Teresa Bagshawe, widow of the judge, and daughter of Clarkson Stanfield, the artist, whose conversion, preceding Herbert’s, made him the first Catholic Royal Academician. The name thus made distinguished in art has figured on our clergy list for over half a century, for on December 8 last, Father Francis Stanfield, known to many as a hymn-writer, Mrs. Bagshawe’s surviving brother, kept the fifty first anniversary of his priestly ordination. Here we feel prompted to supply a postscript to the two or three personal allusions which hastily occurred to us during our review last week of the ordinations of the past year

W. Field Stanfield – Obituary 1905

Page 28, 23rd December 1905


It is with regret that we have to announce the death of Mr. W. Field Stanfield which took place on Wednesday, at 11, Somers-place, London, W. He was the sixth son of Mr. Clarkson Stanfield, R.A., who died in 1867, and was sixty-one years of age. The funeral takes place to-day, when there will be a Requiem at the Church of Our Lady, of the Rosary, after which the body will be taken to Kensal Green for interment. R. I. P.

Colonel Sir John Roper Parkington – Obituary 1924

The Tablet 19th January 1924


We regret to record the death of Colonel Sir John Roper Parkington, who passed away on Monday night at his residence, Broadwater Lodge, Wimbledon, in his eighty-first year. He had been ill since the previous Wednesday. Sir Roper Parkington was a convert to the Church, and had been a Catholic for many years. He was the son of John Weldon Parkington, and received his education at private schools in England and France. For a long period he was Consul-General for Montenegro, and he took an active part in aiding the work of the Montenegrin Red Cross. Among many offices and distinctions held by him, he was Hon. Colonel of the 7th V.B. Essex Regiment, late Major in the Royal Surrey Militia, a Lieutenant for the City of London, J.P. and D.L. for the County of London, and Vice-President of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce. Sir Roper was an Officier d’Academie Francaise, and of the Royal Orders of Serbia, Montenegro, and the Red Cross of Spain and a Chevalier of the Legion of Honour. He founded, in 1896, the Anglo-French Association, l’Entente Cordiale. A Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and the Royal Colonial Institute, he was also Past-Master of several City Companies. Sir Roper Parkington was a devoted and generous Catholic, and his death will be widely regretted.

A requiem Mass was celebrated on Thursday at the Church of the Sacred Heart, Wimbledon, in the presence of a large number of mourners, and the interment followed at Mortlake Cemetery.—R.I.P


Page 22, 26th December 1925

THE LATE CANON BURTON: REQUIEM AT WESTMINSTER CATHEDRAL.—At the funeral of the Very Rev. Canon Edwin Burton on Thursday of last week, at St. Edmund’s College, the relatives and family friends present included, among others, Mr. Lennox B. Dixon, Mr. Wynyard Dixon, Miss Gladys O’Bryen, Sir Henry Jerningham, and Mr. Herbert. A requiem Mass was sung also at Westminster Cathedral, by the Rev. Herbert F. Hall. A large body of the clergy was present in the choir, including the Right Rev. Abbot Butler, 0.S.B., Mgr. Canon Surmont, V.G., and Mgr. Canon Moyes; Mgr. Canon Brown, Mgr. Carton de Wiart and Mgr. Evans; Canon Norris, and many members of the Cathedral chapter. King Manoel was represented by M. de Sanpayo. There were also present the Rev. H. Burton, Miss Gladys O’Bryen, Sir Charles Fielding, Lady O’Bryen, Mr. and Mrs. Reginald O’Bryen, Mr. Alfred O’Bryen, Miss Clare Atwood, Mr. F. Atwood, the Rev. J. Cuddon, Mr. D. Ovington Jones and Miss Agnes Ovington Jones, Mrs. Beresford, Lady Euan-Sinith, Mr. James Farmer, Lady Farmer, Mr. Robert Cornwall and Miss Cornwall, Mrs. Gray, and others.

Charles Cary-Elwes – Obituary 1947

Beccles & Bungay Journal

 Aug 23 1947      

DEATH of Mr Charles Cary-Elwes, aged 78, of Staithe House, 44 Northgate.
Born in 1869, third son of Captain Windsor Cary-Elwes, of the Scots Guards. Educated at Stonyhurst, became a Benedictine monk at Fort Augustus, Scotland. In 1897 he married Edythe, second daughter of Sir Roper and Lady Parkington, who survives him. There were 8 children.
The welfare of hospitals was his absorbing interest, and he was vice-chairman of the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth in London. He became a Knight of the Order of St John of Jerusalem (the Knights of Malta) For many years he was the Chancellor in England. He was twice Master of the Distillers Company. He came to Beccles two years ago.

Agnes Mary O’Bryen – obituary 1924

23rd August 1924 MRS. A.M. O’BRYEN.

On Friday, the Feast of the Assumption, the death took place at Convent Lodge, Harrow, of Mrs. Agnes Mary O’Bryen, at the age of seventy-three. The deceased lady was the daughter of the late Dr. Kenny, of Richmond. The funeral took place at Hampton Hill on Tuesday last. After Requiem Mass, celebrated by the Rev. John O’Brien (of Twickenham), his lordship Bishop Butt performed the burial service, attended by Canon Burton, D.D., Canon Myers (President of St. Edmund’s College), the Revv. Harold Burton, John Cuddon, T. Bishop, and H. Darbey. Among those present were Miss Gladys O’Bryen (daughter), Lady O’Bryen, Miss Cecily O’Bryen, Mr. and Mrs. R. O’Bryen, Mrs. Fitzgerald, and Miss Throckmorton (relatives), and many friends. His Eminence Cardinal Bourne sent a kind message of sympathy. —R.I.P.