The Rock of Dunamase

The Rock of Dunamase partially reads:

“Dunamase from prehistoric times was the stronghold and chief residence of the rulers of Leix.About the time of the Christian era there flourished in Ulster a leader of the Red Branch Knights, called Conall Cearnach.the Knights under him waged war against the men of Leinster to enforce the payment of the Burumean tribute.They defeated the Leinstermen at the battle of Ros-naRigh (Rosnaree), and settled Leix, which they divided into seven tribe lands.This Celtic heptarchy was subject to the jurisdiction of an arch-king, claiming descent from Canall Cearnach, and called the O’More, with his chief residence at Dunamase.”Dunamase changed hands several times and “In 1342 Lysaght O’more, of Dunamase was killed by his servant. . . . Two years after his death the O’mores were dipossessed of Dunamase by De Mortimer.”. . . The O’mores controlled it around 1538 and 1542 . . .“In 1642 the Confederate Catholics were in Possession of Dunamase; . . .”

From Lord Walter Fitzgerald,the Journal of the County Kildare Archaeological Society, Volume VI . The  edited papers were published in Dublin in 1911.

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