Purssell viewers – what’s going on

A very brief post.

There suddenly seems to be a lot of interest in the Purssell posts. I don’t know why, but if anyone wants more interactive communication, leave a comment and I’ll email.



2 thoughts on “Purssell viewers – what’s going on

  1. Hi there Will, My name is Margaret (nee Gore) I am the gr gr grand daughter of Elizabeth Purssell who married a convict Benjamin Gore here in Australia in 1846. I am delighted to learn of the family ‘doings’ thank you for posting all your wonderful work. I have been writing a journal of family history for my descendants (I am now 75 yrs old) having recorded as much as I can regarding Benjamin, his three brothers John, William, and Anthony and his sister Eleanor who were all transported to my home land. As you can imagine lots of sadness to record especially regarding Eleanor’s two sons William and Joseph who became notorious bushrangers riding with the Clarke brothers who were hanged for their criminality.
    You can also imagine my delight to read about the interesting lives of Elizabeth’s cousins I remain thirsty for more.In case you are not aware I must tell you that Elizabeth lived to be 96 years old, she and Benjamin settled on land in Singleton NSW where Ben became a pork farmer and butcher they had seven children. I am directly descended form one son Anthony George (my father’s name also). My dad was one of eleven children and let me tell you there are lots of us ‘Gores’ here.
    The one question I have for you is, who founded the ‘Purssell Coffee Lounge in Cornhill ?’ was it Roger born 1746 or Roger born 1783 ? I look forward with anticipation for a reply
    best wishes

    1. Hi Margaret. Thanks for the comment. The answer to your question is I’m not sure, but I would hazard a guess that it is the later Roger 1783 – 1861. The earlier one died outside London. You have spurred me into looking at the Pursells again.

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