This blog covers a period from about 1800 – about 1930. It’s an attempt to  understand who people were, what they did, what sort of lives they had, and what was going on at the same time. However, for lots of different reasons, I am switching all of this blog to a new site. It will make it easier and more logical to search for in search engines; in fact, the name gives it away;   www.forgottenvictorians.com 

There are a few other reasons; it’s going to make it possible to have some sub-domains to cover subjects that are tangential to this one. One that’s coming is a separate site covering Ireland, which seems to be a subject that gets most views on this site. It’s going to allow a more personal, occasional blog as well as the main ones. And it’s finally going to allow me to do a recipe blog !

All the content from this site has been transferred to the new site, but I’m now only going to post new content on the new  www.forgottenvictorians.com  Either click on the link, or paste it into your search bar. The only changes you will need to make is if you are following this site is to complete the follow icon at the bottom left of each page and post.

The best way to navigate this blog is probably by using the posts, archives, or categories menus which you can find on the sidebar on the introduction, all posts, contact, or photos pages. This site will stay up for quite a long while yet, but eventually it will close.

So for those of you who have shared this site with friends or family, and many thanks to those of you who have – it’s really pleasing to have had over 1000 visitors a month for seven months of this year; please let people know the new address. www.forgottenvictorians.com